Annette Kiesow Picture Editing

Do you need the perfect images for your book, magazine, or website? Let me find them for you.

I will make your project the best it can be. I’ll thoroughly read the manuscript, research the topic, and supply you with a great selection of images from a large variety of sources. I will work with your project editor to make the images fit the words, and with the art director to fit the layout. I will negotiate with the source to get the best price and I’ll follow up to get the image permissions taken care of so you don’t have to.

Over the last 15 years I’ve developed relationships with hundreds of image sources including:

  • Large and small stock agencies
  • Museums
  • Public domain and government sources
  • International agencies
  • Individual photographers

Currently, I’m working on multiple science projects for National Geographic Children’s Books. If you would like to see a representation of my work, check out my portfolio for a selection of the books I have worked on with them.

I also previously worked for a history magazine group and can provide hard copy samples of my work as requested.

Please contact me at anytime to discuss my availability and rates. I’m happy to provide professional references any time and you’re welcome to check out my Linkedin profile to learn more about my photo editing experience and my portfolio to see what I’ve been working on recently.